About Me

Hello, everybody! I am Katya, a stay at home mom, like many other women, who has two beautiful girls – currently 11 and 4. Girls like to dress. Moms like to dress them. Oh, what fun! I love clothes and I love to dress them and am always on the lookout for something interesting, cute, stylish, hip and class. If you are like me – welcome!

Our preteen

The reason I created this website is to make a collection of all things in the clothing category for pre-teen girls. It is rather hard to find something that would really fit a pre-teen girl. This is a tough age in the sense that these girls are not toddlers, little girls anymore and not teens, young adults just yet. They don’t want to wear little girl clothes and us as moms are not ready for them to wear adult clothes. They are in between. Tough!

My older daughter is 11 and has a sensory issue that makes it all a bit harder. We focus on clothes made of soft fabrics. We also like good quality, since most likely it’ll go down the line to her little sister. So I try and do my best to find something nice for a good price!

If you have something interesting to add, comment or share please do so. I love different opinions and value feedback!

Thanks for stopping by!